Agent Hawk VR

Play as a secret agent in this immersive hidden object VR game!


You’ve just been hired by one of the top secret intelligence agencies in the world. Your codename: Agent Hawk. Use all your spy savvy to uncover an intriguing worldwide conspiracy by investigating hidden clues and solving cryptic mysteries!

Classic Gameplay, New Perspective

Enjoy the beloved hidden object gameplay with a new and immersive VR twist that will make you feel like a real spy!

Explore Like a Real Detective

Move around realistic and highly interactive locations with a comfortable teleportation system and search every nook and cranny with your keen eye for clues and evidence.

[hh3]Play and Replay[/h3]
Revisit levels you’ve already completed to find different sets of items for a whole new investigation every time you play!

Be the Agent

Dive headfirst into an exciting world of espionage and intrigue with atmospheric music and environments.

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