American Food Truck

Make tasty burgers and juicy fast food all over town in your own food truck!


Why settle for a traditional restaurant when you can serve tasty fast food all around town?

Park your food truck wherever you want, make delicious burgers and be fast to serve the hordes of hungry customers that will stack up in front of your mobile joint!

Prove that incredible food can also be cooked on the go and become the world’s best – and fastest – food truck chef!


  • MANAGE your own food truck and cook tasty fast food in 100 thrilling and delicious levels!
  • UPGRADE your kitchen-on-wheels with chef-worthy appliances to prepare your burgers and snacks quicker and serve even more customers!
  • WIN awesome daily rewards by spinning the roulette and get more coins and gems to keep spicing up your fast-food business!
  • DASH to make your food truck famous for its swift service and delicious hamburgers and turn your moving restaurant into a very profitable business!

A restaurant you can drive anywhere you want trumps a traditional one any day!

But remember: in the end, what matters is the quality of your cooking and the efficiency of your service!

Grill juicy burger patties and top them with melted cheese and all kinds of tasty ingredients, all in record time to make customers happy anywhere you park your truck!

Pack up your best burger recipes and get into the food truck craze right now!