Animal Line Crossing

Help the baby farm animals find their way home!

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Help the baby farm animals find their way home!


In Animal Line Crossing you have to guide the chicken, pig and sheep mothers across the screen collecting their babies on the way and taking them back home. A cute and challenging little adventure for kids and adults!

++ Get entertained for hours with dozens of different levels to beat. Will you be able to clear all of them? Start playing now! ++

How to Play

  • Draw a line with your fingertip to create a path
  • Collect the baby animals and take them home safe and sound
  • Avoid the snakes
  • Don’t let different species bump into each other
  • You can stop animals for a brief time, helping you find the way


  • 60 different levels
  • Exciting and fun gameplay
  • Cute baby farm animals

A great educational and fun little game for people of all ages.

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My kids keep asking for it, they love it!