Be Beautiful Salon

Manage your own beauty salon!


Welcome to the Be Beautiful Salon! Run the most futuristic BEAUTY SALON in town and make sure all your clients get the TRENDIEST treatment and leave your shop looking INNOVATIVE and SPECTACULAR!

ENJOY unique mini games, over 100 fun levels and meet different characters in game!

In this management game, you will have to optimize your services to fulfill your clients’ needs in time! Only the most meticulous and up-to-date services will be offered: from AMAZING robotic massages to FLAWLESS nano hair treatments. But you gotta be fast: do all of that in a dash!


  • UPGRADE your beauty salon as your customers PAY YOU for a great job
  • MAKE every client happy by serving them FAST and GOOD
  • FACE exciting levels that get more and more CHALLENGING
  • BUY improved state-of-the-art EQUIPMENT to make your shop even better!

Show all your energy in creating BEAUTY! Come and play!