Bid Wars

Outbid your opponents and profit from what you purchase!


It’s time to make some real money! Follow your guts to win big time in this extraordinary auction game: let’s see who is the smarter and the quicker! Outbid your opponents and profit from what you purchase! In Bid Wars, your intuition is your most valuable weapon!

Enter the exciting auction world and find strange and rare objects in places you wouldn’t expect! You can get from an old basket ball or toilet paper roll to lost treasures and alien objects! Earn a lot of cash in garage sales and become yourself a legend!

The higher you profit, the better the auctions become! You can get in exclusive events, travel to the top cities and meet the best auctioneers!

How to Play

  • Select a storage facility in the map and start bidding!
  • You and your bid opponents will have just a few moments to take a look at the units.
  • You have to place your bet and hope to find interesting things in case you win.
  • The veteran bidder Alice will help you through this exciting game!

As you earn money, you can improve your reputation among the hunters and participate in the big events!


  • Over 200 items to be found.
  • Rare and antique items from different collections.
  • Casino game that will challenge the best gamblers and bidders!
  • If you enjoy garage and yard sales, you will love this game!