Bush Ambush

Bush Ambush is inspired by the classic minesweeper game, but with totally innovative mechanics and awesome artwork! It has a cool snake too.


How many days can you survive camping in the woods? Face the darkness of the night on your own and spot the safe paths to walk your way back to the camping tent. Be careful with the snakes!

How to Play

Simply tap the bushes to remove them and pay attention to the shaking and flashing bushes around it NOT to tap them! Unless you’re in the mood for a snake bite. The goal is simple: get rid of all snake-free bushes and survive for the next night!

Got stuck? Try the hints!


Survive through the nights and earn rewards to improve your hideout. Are you skilled enough to earn them all and have the most awesome camping tent to live in the woods?


  • Beautiful and minimalist illustrations
  • Decorative items for your tent as rewards
  • Easy to pick up and play to avoid boredom
  • Cute snakes (but just cute, not inoffensive)

Love minesweeper, snake and other classics? Pack your backpack and give Bush Ambush a try!