Call of Doodie

We hate to admit it, but we’ve all been there.


We hate to admit it, but we’ve all been there. It’s just like another day in the office, everything is going fine: you had that taco you like so much for lunch, you didn’t get caught ditching work, your social networks statuses are up to date and you’re about to get that promotion you’ve been dreaming about. When suddenly… Nature calls. And it’s URGENT!

Sweat start dripping from your forehead, your stomach is rumbling, soon you’re grunting and just then you realize that the nearest bathroom is all the way across the floor. It’s Call of Doodie!

“When you are eating a tasteful taco an hour seems like a second. When you can’t hold it any longer a second seems like an hour. That’s relativity.”

Albert Doodiestein

Rush through rooms and open the correct doors to find relief. Face hundreds of environments full of challenges and career-threatening situations, all that in amazing retro pixel-art graphics

Special Doors

Surprising mechanics that will prepare you for any sticky situation that you might get yourself into. Regular doors, sliding doors, japanese doors, castle gates, laser doors… You name it!

Everybody Poops

Unlock and play with several characters: the usual office guy, the secretary, the surgeon, the mutant, the pimp. It’s good to be prepared!

Can you get to the bathroom in time?
Just hope you don’t run into that goddamn new DeveloBear. Or else, it’s game over.


  • Mind-blowing hardcore thrilling experience
  • Inspired by everyday challenges of real-life
  • Both entertaining and educational for all ages
  • Diapers free.
  • A bear.