Chicken or Pasta

Be quick and save the hungry passengers!


Forget turbulence. The greatest fear of frequent flyers is one, and one only: starvation! As a world-class flight attendant, your job is to know the taste of your passengers and always pick the right meal from the two only options to EVER figure on airline menus: chicken and pasta!


  • TAP the chicken or pasta dishes as your passengers make their orders. Whatever you do, don’t get them switched!
  • INTERPRET increasingly tricky requests as you serve more exotic and demanding flyers
  • WORK non-stop against time to get to the end of the aisle without neglecting a single client!

Who would have thought working long hours inside an airplane could be such an addictive pastime! Get onboard now and stay on your toes, because the success of this flight hinges on a single question: will it be chicken or pasta?