Don’t Trash the Dove

Shoot all the targets you can - but beware of the annoying doves!


Why is this weird bird following you? DON’T LET IT GET IN YOUR WAY! Shoot as many targets as you can but watch out for this ANNOYING dove that will try to stop you!

You will have 20 seconds to prove yourself a sharpshooter! Hit all the targets in that short time and score really high! It would be so easy to play if it wasn’t for that crazy dove that keeps bugging you… So, make it BEAT IT and cash it outside!

How To Play

  • Shoot all the targets that appear in the screen
  • Avoid the dove and score higher!
  • Easy and addictive gameplay!
  • Hit the targets with style and become the next salt bae!

Get rid of this trashy dove and shoot, shoot, shoot!