Double View

Can your brain handle this mind-blowing experience?

Double View is a unique game that will push your concentration and motor skills to a whole new level. Test yourself!


Control two squares across screens with different layouts and try to reach the finish line without hitting any walls or obstacles.


  • Simple yet INCREDIBLY addictive
  • UNIQUE game experience
  • Awesome RETRO graphics

How to Play

  • Both squares perform exactly the same movement on both screens
  • Swipe in any direction to control the path of the squares
  • Avoid obstacles and walls on both screens


It has changed my life in so many ways.


It’s a great game!!! But I passed the whole thing , in the next update put a lot of level and even put BONUS levels


A truly remarkable puzzle experience! 5/5

Mob Puzzlers

One of the most challenging games we’ve played so far.

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