Fast Food Madness

Not allowed to play with your food? We get it… and IT’S OVER! Get ready to show what you’ve got and become a HAMBURGER WARRIOR… Wait… what?


Definitely, there won’t be any regular days on your restaurant anymore… Not since you and your friends have decided to start the WORLD’S GREATEST BURGER WAR! Serve all your clients really fast and maybe you’ll have some time left to give your friends what they deserve: BURGER ATTACK!


  • Single or multiplayer
  • Aim and throw with a single touch and serve the hungry clients
  • Well, since you’re already there… Shoot your competitors and prove that your burgers are the best ones!


  • Have loads of fun throwing different food types in your adversaries faces
  • Manage your time to fill your clients needs
  • Enjoy the different game modes and have real time fun with your friends
  • Battle until your FULL!