Link The Dots

If you are a puzzle enthusiast, you’re gonna LOVE this challenge!

Connect the colorful dots and reach for highscore collecting stars! You will have endless fun as you go from level to level! It looks easy, but don’t underestimate it! Face this brain PUZZLE and beat your own records!

From simpler boards to very complex ones, this game can help you sharpen logic skills. Become a great puzzler! Pick your level and relax as the time flows…

How to Play

  • Link the pairs of dots of the same color
  • Don’t leave any empty space left on the game board
  • Get hints in case you get stuck in some level
  • Solve the puzzle and enjoy!
  • Highlights

    • Hundreds of levels for you to play
    • Many different colors to match
    • Unlock new levels as you play
    • Beautiful minimalist design
    • Relaxing and challenging at the same time!
    • Face this challenge, relax and have tons of fun!