Macho Dash

Arriba, muchacho! Join Gonzaléz as he takes Maria -- his beloved six-barrel revolver -- for a ride through the haunted deserts of Mexico.

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Stock up on some ammo and guide this macho hero in a quest to give monsters some of that not-so-sweet taste of gunpowder.


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  • Audacious enemies: Sugar Skull Skeletons, Calaveras Catrinas, Zombie Mariachi, Zombie Dancer, Werepiñatas and Star Piñatas
  • Stylish (yet incredibly masculine) hats with special powers: El Sombrero, El Vaquero, El Luchador, El Azteca and El Taco!
  • Virile weapons: Maria the Revolver, Consuelo the Pistol, Lupita the Submachine Gun, Carmen the Shotgun, Constanza the Machine Gun, Rosario the Rifle, Dolores the Heavy Machine Gun
  • Awesome illustrations
  • Game Center integration

What macho people are saying

Gonzaléz is the hero we’ve been longing for!

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Finally a true hero to rule them all.

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Awesome graphics and addictive gameplay. Goes well with a taco.


I grew a badass mustache just by downloading it.

Rick Cursohn