Monster Truck

COME AND PLAY this EXTREME racing game!


COME AND PLAY this EXTREME racing game! Do you have what it takes? THEN PROVE IT! Face this AWESOME adventure and be a ROCK’N ROLL driver! Drive AMAZING trucks and climb WICKED hills! Beat your own high score! Are you afraid of taking the risk?

Upgrade your truck and make it more HARDCORE! As you pass each tricky obstacle, see AWESOME car destructions, EXPLOSIONS and FIREWORK! If you’re weak, don’t even try it!


  • Score to get money and upgrade your truck!
  • Reach longer and higher with the BEST TRUCK of all!
  • Each level is randomly set, so you will never play the same game twice!
  • Have INFINITE time of fun AND PROVE TO BE TOUGH!

The FASTEST cars and the BEST drivers are all playing Monster Truck Climb Racer! COME NOW AND JOIN THEM!