My Cake Maker

Create your own cakes in My Cake Maker!


Go through every step of cake making and create unique and awesome recipes. Pick your favorite flavors and make your cake even more delicious it with a combination of syrup, sprinkles, straws and candy. You can even eat your cake when you’re done! Yummy!

The good thing about cakes is that you can bake them in all delicious flavors your imagination feels like. Get your apron ready and let’s start cooking!
Before getting to the best part of a cake — which is, of course, eating it — we need to make, bake and decorate it! Don’t worry about getting confused between the steps because Berry the Bear will be giving you tips along the process to help you make the best cake ever!

Choose a recipe and follow the easy steps to make a perfect cake: prepare the mix, shape it, bake it, cut it, fill it and, finally, don’t forget to decorate it as you wish!
Once it’s done, serve yourself a generous and delicious piece of this mouthwatering masterpiece pastry!


  • Over 60 recipes to bake!
  • Classic cake ingredients: flour, milk, eggs, baking powder
  • More than 25 appetizing dough flavors: vanilla, chocolate, banana, strawberry, lemon, lime, orange, butter, nuts, passion fruit, apple, berries, corn and much more
  • Cute shapes for your cake: round, square, rectangular, heart, star and more
  • Over 25 tasteful and exotic fillings like coconut, pistachio, lavender, cinnamon, dulce de leche, yogurt and more
  • Tasty toppings: whipped cream, marshmallow, chocolate, fudge
  • Funny and cute toppings: couple candles, stars, birthday candles, hearts, and many others

Download now and start baking!
A piece of advice: we can’t guarantee you won’t feel hungry while playing this game!