My Virtual Birds

All the fun of having a pet on the screen of your phone or tablet!


All the fun of having a pet on the screen of your phone or tablet! These cute and adorable little birdies are guaranteed fun for children or for the child within you!

Give your birds food if they are weak. You can buy groceries at the food shop and choose from a range of delicacies, such as seeds, fruit pieces, cereal bar and more!

Virtual birds need showers too! Sometimes your pet will get dirty and ask you for a shower! Just click on the sponge on the lower right corner of the screen and drag it to clean your friend! It’s very easy and there’s no fuss involved!

Fight the blues! Play mini games with your birds if it ever gets sad, and there are lots of games to choose from, such as memory and singing games! With My Virtual Birds there’s always something FUN to do! Your birds are also very clever! They can play TRICKS! You can make them sing, dance, pose and many more interesting and fun tricks just by sliding your fingers and tapping on the screen of your phone! TAP TAP!

My Virtual Birds is the perfect game for the development of children aged 4-10, with its numerous educational mini games with positive affirmation to develop the ability to count and reason, in addition to help improve the memory, coordination, motor skills and reflexes! My Virtual Birds focuses on making your child learn by playing. Every activity involves a different set of skills making it a complete educational experience. However, you don’t have to be a child to benefit from the love and affection of these sweet little birds! Here at Tapps we believe FUN IS FOR EVERYONE!

Mini Games

  • Show Time: Sing along the birds!
  • Memory: Fun memory game for the kids!
  • Odd One Out: Spot the different object!
  • Trampoline: Perform acrobatic tricks!
  • How Many: Count the food as fast as you can!

And more!


  • Cute and fun illustrations and sound effects
  • Easy and intuitive gameplay
  • Feed your imagination and creativity!

Download My Virtual Birds now and have fun while you learn with your new best friends!