My Waffle Maker

Mix flavors and create unique waffles!


From the creators of My Ice Cream Maker and My Cupcake Maker, you now get to help a cute little hamster cook and decorate some delicious waffles in My Waffle Maker!

Choose a shape: from a cute flower, to a sweet heart or even a traditional square waffle. Then pick your favorite flavors that can range from a yummy chocolate dough to refreshing chunks of coconut. Pick a filling of your choice and decorate your waffles with tasty treats, such as ripe strawberries, delightfully red cherries, some savory meringue and, let’s not forget, all the maple syrup in the world!!!

You can even eat your waffle when you’re done, and you’ll have all the help from your cute little friend while you’re in the kitchen being a dessert chef!

Mix flavors and create unique waffles! Go CHOCONANAS mixing and matching! Combine two flavors and discover new recipes to add to your recipe book – you have to keep guessing and trying out new things so you can get them right and complete your book of delights!


  • More than 25 ingredients at your reach: vanilla, lime, nuts, dulce de leche, cinnamon, blueberry, blackberry, orange, ice cream, lemon, lavender, mandarin, coconuts, banana, carrot, pear, passion fruit and much more!
  • Endless possible combinations of items
  • Cookbook to save all your waffle recipes
  • Save pictures of your creations and share them with friends by email or Facebook
  • Keep your actual kitchen clean and spotless!

Download now and start baking!