Pet Bowling

Set aim with your finger and slide the little cute pets across the screen to wake them up.


The animals are taking a nap, but it’s time to get up! If you love little pets, you’ll love this game! Pet Bowling is the surprising mix of cute virtual pets, bowling dynamics and puzzles! Get ready to rub some bellies!

How to Play

Set aim with your finger and slide the pets across the screen. Bump with other items and pets to complete all the challenging missions of Pet Bowling! It’s really that simple! Try using the least amount of pets to complete the challenging levels of the game and score more points!


  • Dozens of handmade levels
  • Easy and fun physics-based game
  • Cute little pets: kitties, puppies, bunnies, piglets, penguins!
  • Belly rubs!

How about a belly rub?