Pig Evolution

Oink, oink! Look, IT’S A PIG! And it’s EVOLVING!


Oink, oink! Look, IT’S A PIG! And it’s EVOLVING! Come meet all different and weird types of piggies in this FUNNY evolution game! Tired of being considered the dirtiest animals in the food chain, it’s time for the pigs to rub their evolution in everyone’s face!

Actually, in this game, the dirtier your pigs are, the richer you will get: make coins POP as your pigs POOP and wallow in money while your herd of pigs wallow in… well, whatever they’re into!

How to Play

  • Drag and drop similar pigs to create new mysterious and mutant creatures
  • Use pig poop coins to buy new pigs and make even more money
  • Alternatively, fiercely tap a pig to make them poop and collect more coins!


  • Different levels and many different pig species to discover
  • Watch out for the impostors that will get in your way!
  • Put on funny HATS in your pigs and make them unique!
  • Paint your pigs the color you want and create a very very special herd of yours!

No pigs were harmed in the making of this game, only developers. Come and check them out!