Ragdoll Mania

Create your own (crazy) toy collection! Ragdoll Mania is the funniest toy maker you will ever find, guaranteed!

Take pictures of your ragdolls, have them saved forever and share with friends!


Have fun creating unique ragdolls and play with them as much as you want. Extra mini games are included for extra fun! Get crazy!

Mini Games

  • Cannon Launcher – Ragdolls can’t quite fly, but some powder might do the job
  • Outer Space – Take your toys to the place no man has ever been to
  • Circus Trampoline – Let puppets be the circus’ stars they always dreamed to be

High Lights

  • Realistic physics dynamics
  • Hundreds of possible combinations for the characters
  • Take pictures of your ragdolls’ best moments and share with friends
  • Fun mini games
  • Comical illustrations


It’s impossible to hold the laughter while playing. Try it for yourself!

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Ragdoll Mania is one of those games kids are crazy for.

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It seems like real life!