If you want to become THE president, you’ll have to go WILD!

Live like a full-time politician and lead your party to victory in a fierce campaign to win the most important election of all!

Forge alliances, make hard decisions, shake ideologies, end inflation and do whatever else you must to trump the other presidential candidates!

After all, the president’s chair in the Wild House might be wide and fancy, but it sits only one.


  • LEAD your political party in an election campaign to take the highest (and fanciest) seat in the Wild House!
  • BECOME a real politician and make powerful allies to help you reach your lofty goals! Will you use your fine diplomatic skill to slowly sway big names towards your cause or use faster and more expensive means of political persuasion? The choice is yours!
  • WIN municipal elections, move on to the state race and finally start aiming for president!
  • GROW your voter base by listening to their comments and adjusting your controversial campaign actions. They have to be just right to make an impact without angering anyone too much!
  • HIRE efficient managers to help you run your campaign and watch idly as they gather voters and take you closer and closer to the Wild House!

Admit it: your acceptance speech has been ready since the early days of your political career, hasn’t it?

There’s no shame in being a dreamer and aiming high, but oh boy, you’ll have to work for it if you want your office to have a weird oval shape!

Having strong promises and a spotless public image might do the trick, but should you need that little extra push towards your dream, don’t forget your best secret allies: fake news and tax money!

The Wild House is yours to take. Start your campaign now!