Secret Life of Food

Go play with your food!


Now, for the first time ever, you get to play with your food without anyone giving you a hard time!

Find out the secret stories and the complex, sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet lives of the stuff you put on your plate in thrilling minigames starring only the cutest characters from the fruit, vegetable and meat kingdoms!

Beat more bite-sized challenges to unlock additional foodstuffs that will make dinner time a much, much more emotional experience for you!


  • The apple with vertigo: tap the screen at the right time to save crunchy apples from plunging to their deaths!
  • The freedom of the nuts: slice like a ninja to free the nuts from the hard shells that bind them!
  • Break an egg: swipe with just the right speed to crack the eggs without ruining the yokes!
  • A bath with mrs. Meats: cook the meat at the right temperature to keep it happy!
  • The soulful churro: be careful not to overstuff the poor churros!
  • Lettuce dry: turn the lettuce as fast as you can to dry it!
  • The soiled potatoes: drag the potatoes to the water to wash off the dirt!
  • Moonlight lemonade: time your tapping to squeeze the lemons!

Have you ever thought about the feelings of all those apples you’ve dismissed because their skin wasn’t shiny and spotless? What about those lemons you squeeze and zest and then throw in the trash just because their mood is a little sour? It’s time to grow a conscience and discover the secret lives of all these little fellas you gobble up every single day!