So Social 2



You have a new mission: join the internet A-list! Shine bright like a social media diamond, be the trendiest topic on every network and get all the likes!

  • TAKE OVER FRIENDBOOK, the hottest social network around, and gather an epic crowd of fans and followers that will guarantee your posts will always be the most popular
  • UNLOCK CHIPER AND LATEGRAM, the other places to be on the web, and express yourself with different avatars and dozens of post types
  • POST FABULOUS SELFIES to give your followers a glimpse of your glamourous life. Read your fans’ comments, inspire them with motivational messages and make them want to be you!
  • BE THE MEME and grow your influence to epic proportions. Comment on trending topics to get into the web spotlight and make yourself go viral!
  • EARN THE TITLE OF WEB CELEBRITY and watch how every silly gif, kitty clip and snarky hashtag you post impacts the whole web world.

Experience first-hand the addictive life of a top influencer, and leave your mark on the internet as a social media legend!