So Social

Have you got what it takes to rock social media?


Put your social media prowess to test in this new game that will turn you into the web’s newest sensation!

So Social allows you to become a social media star! The best way to climb up the ladder to fame is by joining Friendbook and posting a selfie. When you least expect, you’ll be gathering thousands of likes and followers all around the world!

GIFS & Hashtags

However, internet fame is not just an avalanche of selfies! The internet people also love gifs, especially funny ones! Gather more followers and likes using famous hashtags – it’s the language of all the cool kids out there!

Quotes & Kittens

What’s a social media legend without the ability to inspire others? Post a motivational quote! Or, as any self respecting social media expert would know, how about posting a kitty video? The internet is craaaazy about kittens!

And, Of Course, Memes

Put your influencing skills on display by making a live commentary about something that’s trending! Now, THAT is trendy! And finally, make it to the pantheon of social media by creating a meme and become a true legend!

The fun doesn’t stop at Friendbook though! Gather likes and followers enough to unlock other medias – such as Chiper and Lategram! Also, do not forget that a true star never forgets its fans! Make sure to read your posts comments and reap the rewards for being so friendly and down to earth!


  • PICK your avatar from different profiles
  • GATHER followers and RECEIVE countless likes! Make the Internet LOVE you!
  • BECOME a social media legend! Work it hard like it’s your profession!
  • CHOOSE from a DOZEN types of posts!
  • UNLOCK other social medias!

Download So Social now and enjoy the stardom!