Space Warriors

Command your warriors in strategic space battles and defend your empire!


A long-brewing war between the galaxy’s mightiest empires has finally exploded. This is an urgent summons, space commander!

Travel to a unique world that blends sci-fi and traditional Japanese culture and draft the best warriors of your nation to build the ultimate star trooper army!

You’ll need every saber, plasma rifle and repair bot you can muster to fend off enemy troops and cement your nation’s position as the galaxy’s greatest power!

Fight with pride and defend your planet from the relentless invading forces!


  • COMMAND the ultimate space army in many challenging and action-packed tower-defense style levels!
  • CHOOSE your space warriors from over 10 unit types and use their different high-tech gear and skills to fight off enemy troops. It’s up to you to choose the right soldiers for battles, space commander!
  • FIGHT against many kinds of different foes and epic bosses from the enemy’s cutting edge squadrons!
  • UPGRADE your space warriors to unfathomable power levels!
  • DIVE into a unique sci-fi universe that melds futuristic technology and Japanese traditions!

Your whole empire is counting on your war strategy and space battle tactics to defend their homes and families!

Combat your enemies in one of the biggest wars in galactic history and protect the sovereignty of your planet-spanning nation!

Epic battles await you among the light of the starts, and your victory or defeat in them will set the stage of galactic affairs for generations to come!

Assemble your army now!