Greenhouse Effect is a Lie

Play as a greedy tycoon and explore the planets’ resources!


Being a hero is so yesterday’s news… Now it’s time to be an EMPEROR! Build your OWN WORLD in your OWN PLANET and colonize it the way you like it! Tired of listening to all that ecology talk? SO DO IT YOUR WAY! Come prove that the greenhouse effect IS a lie and make tons of money extracting oil from your brand new ready-to-be-explored planet!

Retire from collecting garbage properly, end the torture of saving water and quit the nonsense of environment over money! It’s your turn now!

How To Play

  • Click to extract oil and collect money from your fresh land
  • Click to upgrade your planet – so the money will be collected automatically
  • Improve your industry: hire more employees, new equipment and upgrade them all!
  • Click and turn that simple little planet into a powerful MONEY INDUSTRY!


  • Addictive gameplay: easier than using disposable cups!
  • Amazing tools for you to exploit your planet
  • Tired of all the mess you’ve made? NO PROBLEM: start over in a new fresh planet!

Let’s make our UNIVERSE great again! Come and play!