Toilet Time

The number one game when you go for number two!


Time on the toilet has never been particularly amusing… Until mobile devices! Now that the last territory is no longer a locked door, you can also have a great time during one of the most regular activities all humans share. Prepare yourself for some time-wasting fun!

Oh, you can always play Toilet Time out of the toilet as well.
Play thrilling and challenging mini games to accomplish missions and unlock special keys that you can use to unlock items of the world famous Toilet Museum. Amazing treasures such as the Robin Hood’s Potty and the Time Machine Toilet are waiting to be revealed.


“If you are into potty humor like me, definitely go check it out.”

Droid Life

Mini Games

  • Erasing – Clean up the bathroom graffiti.
  • Sticky Paper – Save the bride from public shaming.
  • Cockroach – Kill cockroaches coming out of the drain.
  • Vacant – Find a vacant cabin to use.
  • Temperature – Regulate the temperature of the shower.
  • Accident – Prevents objects from falling into the toilet.
  • Tubes – Avoid the smelly toilets.
  • Paper – Unroll the entire roll of toilet paper.
  • Cleaning – Use your pee to clean the dirt from the toilet.
  • Sort – Help men and women find the right bathroom.
  • Cover Up – Cough to disguise a suspicious noise.
  • Unclog – Unblock the clogged toilet.
  • Hand Wash – Wash your hands properly.
  • Toilet Seat – Adjust the toilet seat for men and women.