Beat free classic Tripeaks solitaire challenges anytime, anywhere!


Take your favorite pastime anywhere you go!

Play hours of classic Tripeaks solitaire card challenges in your mobile devices for free! Test your brain and skills with the fun and simple game you know and love anytime you want: a perfect and productive way to dodge boredom always at your fingertips!

Comprehensive Tutorial

Complete and illustrated guide about the interface and on how to use all features of the app. If you’re not an experienced player of this card game, this app also offers an extensive tutorial that’ll guide you through all the rules of the game.


  • Smart Moves: drag cards into position or simply tap for auto moving them
  • Hint button helps you quickly find possible moves
  • Customizable backdrop and card backs (Premium version only)
  • Unlimited undo moves
  • Statistics keeping: best scores for moves, time and score


    • Simple, sensible and user-friendly interface
    • Elegant, polished design
    • Developed for phones and tablets alike
    • FREE to play

    It’s the classic, intuitive Tripeaks solitaire card gameplay you already love: move uncovered cards from the 3 pyramids to form decreasing or increasing sequences with the cards on the waste pile. The objective is to remove all cards from the table and demolish the three peaks!

    If you’re new to Tripeaks type solitaire but already play other variants like Spider, Pyramid, FreeCell and Klondike, you’ll love this classic card game! You’ll get the hang of it in no time, with our thorough tutorial for beginners accessible at all times during gameplay!

    Download this classic solitaire card game experience now for free!