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Hey there!

We are Tapps, a game studio based in Brazil, and creating great casual games is what we love the most. It’s great to be part of the fun in the lives of millions of people across the world everyday. If you still haven’t tried one of our games, go ahead and pick your favorite one to start. Have fun!

Ready to play?

Fun for all ages

Action, arcade, adventure, strategy, board, puzzle… You call it! We have a game for you, guaranteed.

Available for multiple platforms

iOS? Android? Windows Phone? It doesn’t matter, we got you covered. Just pick your game and have fun!

New releases every week

Did you already finish our last game? Don’t worry! There’s always a fresh new one for you to play!

Latest games

Moba Idle Legend
Lion Evolution
Puzzle / Strategy
Horse Evolution
Puzzle / Strategy
Doodle Dragons
Puzzle / Strategy
Vampire Evolution
Puzzle / Strategy
Sloth Evolution
Puzzle / Strategy
Tiger Evolution
Puzzle / Strategy

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