Fashion Salon Dash

Run a trendy fashion salon and dash to get every client runway-ready!


Every famous fashion house had a small beginning!

Open your own fashion shop and be fast to dress up all your clients with the latest trends! Make them all runway-ready and watch as your small store grows into a giant- and fabulous – business!

Work hard and manage your time well to put your store up there with the fanciest fashion designer brands!

Fashion Weeks around the world are just waiting you have you!

Fashion Highlights

  • DASH to design and sell trending looks while running a vibrant fashion salon in many thrilling time-management levels!
  • WATCH your clients’ expressions and happiness levels closely and make sure every girl leaves your shop satisfied and ready to rock the runway!
  • UPGRADE your store and items to dress up the increasing number of girls interested in your fancy fashion and styling!
  • PROVE your unique talents in fun minigames that will make you feel like a famous fashion designer!

Few things can make up for an ill-chosen look. Your mission is to live up for the trust your clients put in you and make sure they look fabulous!

The more girls you help, the more your fashion salon’s fame will grow, and you’ll have to be prepared! Upgrade your shop so you can handle the increase in demand and keep developing your business!

Use your management skills well and soon your fashion salon will be a top shopping spot in town!

Start your fabulous fashion and styling business now!