Feed the Fat

Become a competitive eating legend! Gotta eat'em all!


Did I hear a STOMACH GROWL? God, it’s a good time for a SNACK! Indulge yourself in a food-filled adventure after the title of World’s Greatest Eater! Devour buffets at all-you-can-eat restaurants around the world and shock people with your eating capabilities!

In Feed the Fat, weight is GAINED and pride is EARNED!
Tap your way to happiness in this fun and addicting clicker game for the food lovers!


  • EAT your way to fame becoming a legend of all-you-can-eat restaurants!
  • EXERCISE (your fingers) by fiercely tapping your screen in this clicker game!
  • ENJOY unique restaurants and dozens of yummy foods and gourmet dishes!
  • EARN Hot-Dog Coins as you eat to unlock new delicious food, utensils and even restaurants!
  • GET CRAZY in Frenzy Mode — a real food fiesta!

Eat without guilt in Feed the Fat! Play now and leave no food behind!