Gym ‘Til Fit

Pound the universe into shape and become a fitness goddess!


Fitness is life! Put your best trainers on and start pumping, because there’s little time and so, so much fat to burn and muscles to tone.

Dash into the thrilling life of Cassye, a hyperactive fitness club promoter with a mission: pound the universe into shape, one client at a time! Help her achieve this world-changing goal in an action-packed time management adventure that will make you drop more calories than the most cardio-crazy crossfit session!


  • EXERCISE your time-management skills to unlock awesome upgrades that will lift your fitness club to legendary status!
  • KEEP the hype up and leave no client idle as you help them workout their way to bodybuilding Olympus!
  • SPRINT and lift through 60 exciting levels!
  • GET all your hard work recognized with daily rewards, and let no client quit!
  • SHOW the world your fitness prowess in funny and challenging minigames.

Cassye will throw a fit if she fails on her mission, and you don’t want to see that, trust me. Go help her!