Sudoku and puzzle fans will love Mathdoku+! Simple and challenging, this free brain teaser is unlike anything you’ve played before. Get ready to spend hours of enjoyment along your phone or tablet.

4 stars on App Store

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With over 700 levels from 3×3 to the mind blowing 9×9, Mathdoku+ is a great game to help you sharpen logic and math skills whether you’re a beginner or an experienced puzzler!

How to Play

  • The grid size defines the numbers you can use in a puzzle. If it’s a 3×3, you’ll use numbers from 1 to 3. If it’s a 4×4, from 1 to 4. And so on!
  • Squares outlined by bold lines are called cages. Each cage has a target number and a an associated math operation.
  • Each cage must be filled with numbers that, combined in any order, produce the target number of the cage using the correspondent math operation.
  • Numbers may not be repeated in any row or column, just like Sudoku.


  • Great for kids’ development of reasoning, logic and math skills
  • Check and Hint features to help in case you get stuck
  • Complete tutorial for beginners
  • Designed for both iPhone and iPad with support for Retina Display




The beginning is easy but good practice for starters. Gets harder with the bigger puzzles. Thanks for the fun app! Recommended!