My Movie Star Studio

Create dream scenarios for your movie stars!


Have you ever dreamed about all the GLAMOUR of a life of FAME? What about waking up in a real fancy MOVIE STAR house? Or being a part of a REALLY COOL movie production? This is your chance! Build all the greatest scenarios for Hollywood stars and feel just like them!

In this glorious world, you will customize your characters and every single detail on your scenarios! From movie sets to big award receptions, you will build your own dream world! Instead of building only a dollhouse, you’ll build your GLORIOUS KINGDOM!


  • Customize your characters: boys and girls in different UNIQUE styles!
  • Enter in the life of famous people: feel like you’re one of them!
  • Save the BEST scenarios and share them with all your friends!
  • Watch incredible short films and unlock new objects of decoration!

Don’t waste the chance of living with the stars! Come and play!