An apocalyptic deluge turned the world into an endless ocean! Travel with Captain Nemo in his submarine Nautilus to seek survivors and mythical pieces of dry land on the planet!

4.5 stars


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Captain Nemo built his own submarine – the Nautilus – and since the flood he travels through the oceans after survivors and seeks the last mythical piece of dry land on the planet. His only company so far is a little penguin called Bartholomew, but the team is about to grow as Nemo undertakes the challenge of finding some important people who have gone missing.

Help Nemo and Bart in this mission across the oceans!

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How to Play

  • Touch the screen to submerge and release to emerge
  • Dodge obstacles in order to go further in the expedition
  • Pay attention to the oxygen level
  • Save the missing characters and complete all the achievements


Deep Sea Arcade Fun, Nautilus – The Submarine Adventure
The game is fairly unique to the iOS platform in that you’re guiding a submarine past objects and having to avoid touching the top or bottom of the game board, because hitting objects/top/bottom causes you to slow down and use more oxygen — and once you run out of oxygen, your game is over. Nautilus – The Submarine Adventure is a fun casual game with a great story line. See if you can help Nemo and Bart rescue all the survivors.

Christine Chan –

Nautilus é mais um jogo brasileiro para iPhones/iPods touch que acaba de chegar à App Store
O jogo, que conta com gráficos muito bem desenvolvidos além de uma interação já consagrada na App Store, tem tudo para fazer sucesso.

Eduardo Marques –


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