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Quick FAQ

Answers for the most common issues. Please check below before sending a message.

Cow Evolution and Platypus Evolution

Tractor has stopped working / Crates are not being delivered
This issue is related to changes made to the time/date of the device. To get it to work again, wait 24 hours after correctly setting your clock to the present time/date. Only then the game will recognize that it’s back to present and start progressing again. Alternative explanation: cows aren’t good time travelers.

My Boo

My Boo was reset to level 1
This usually happens when My Boo is installed on an external volume, like SD cards, or when your device has very low internal memory available. Try installing My Boo internally and deleting unused files to clear up space. Since we don’t save user data remotely, we are unable to help you restore the lost progress.
Changing/formatting device and keeping the game progress
Unfortunately, there’s no official support for this yet. Users of Apple devices have successfully restored My Boo with local and iCloud backups after formatting or changing devices, but it’s not guaranteed by Tapps Games.